16 Oct

Quinton, Liz and Ayla's first stop is in Cape Town, right at the Southern tip of Africa.  It is a beautiful city where Liz and I (Neil) grew up, where Quinton worked, and where Ayla was born.  The travelers are staying in a small, secluded village outside of Cape Town called "Clovelly."  Clovelly is on the southern coast and faces an immense, 20-mile wide Bay called "False Bay."   (named because early explorers often confused it with another Bay to the north).   Clovelly is surrounded by a wetland nature preserve and is home to many species of birds.

Ayla looking out over the village of Clovelly

First wildlife sighting!  This is a Cape robin-chat, a member of the "Old World flycatcher" family 

Behind their accommodation is a nature trail that runs through the "Fynbos."  Fynbos is an Afrikaans word that literally means "fine-leaved plants."  The Fynbos is a vegetation belt that covers a large area of the Cape Province and is a unique ecosystem known for its exceptional degree of biodiversity.

Ayla walking on a path through the "Fynbos"This beautiful flower is an "Ixia Maculata" which is native to the Cape Province.  

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