Special Themed Safaris

Mostly we arrange safaris on request, however we also create special themed safaris led by Californian biologists who can help connect your experiences in the African wilderness with your life back home. Find out more about our current Special Themed Safaris with set dates by looking through the attached descriptions.

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Specialist Group Leaders

We have a fascinating selection of group leaders. We will recommend one based on your interests to lead your trip while sharing much of their own special interests and expertise. All are experts in their field - ornithologists, biologists, wildlife photographers, environmental educators, authors, naturalists.

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Safari Camps

We are very selective when it comes to the Safari Camps we choose as they are the crux of your experience. We choose camps in superb locations, which provide the best quality experiences. We prefer small camps with exclusive access so that your game-viewing and living experience is not overshadowed by crowds of tourists. Comfort and luxury are a given but not the basis of our choices. Check out our gallery for some of our favourite camps.


Most Safari Camps include a variety of activities, led by camp guides who have an intimate knowledge of the area and their wildlife. Activities may include game drives; walking safaris, with your senses fully alert and tuning in to the rhythm of the wild; boating or kayaking for excellent birding and a new perspective on wildlife; fishing; sleeping out under the stars; observing and photographing quietly from hides; and select cultural experiences.


Transfers between camps is often in small charter planes. For shorter distances, you will have road transfers or speedboat transfers. We use the best local providers. In some cases it is worth considering getting your own private charter plane, which gives you more freedom with timing and detours en route.


As each trip is unique, we will only be able to provide a quote after consultation. Here are a few guidelines on what to expect when it comes to pricing:

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