Jeff Sikich
Specialties: Large carnivores, human-wildlife interaction, animal behavior, urban wildlife, conservation

Jeff Sikich is a wildlife biologist researching the impacts of urbanization and habitat fragmentation on mountain lions in Southern California. Jeff manages the field work for this study, one of the longest running of its kind, which informs mountain lion conservation, as well as outreach, education, and habitat conservation efforts locally and around the world. 

Over the last 25 years Jeff has captured and handled over 16 carnivore species for wildlife research and he has advised and trained many professionals around the world on humane capture methods. In addition to his work in California, Jeff has contributed to mountain lion research in Montana, Arizona, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Peru. He has worked on gray wolves, black bears, lynx, coyotes, bobcats, desert tortoise, and deer, as well as studies focused on tigers in Sumatra, jaguars in Central and South America, and leopards in South Africa. 

Jeff has contributed to many scientific papers and popular articles on carnivore ecology and conservation, and his work has been featured on numerous television programs and news outlets.