Liz Martins
Specialties: Safaris with children; nature-inspired art; self-development through nature-connection

"I feel compelled to find every way I can of connecting people more deeply to nature. It starts with a sense of wonder. Then curiosity, understanding, and ultimately an inner commitment to caring for this world." - Liz

Liz runs ACR's Living with Lions education program, teaching children about these top predators and connecting them to their wild neighbors. She is also a docent at ACR's Bouverie Preserve where she volunteers to take children out hiking to learn more about the local ecosystem.

Liz has a background in Waldorf teaching and has years of experience as an environmental educator, setting up the Cape Leopard Trust's Education Project which focussed on bringing children into the wilderness mountains on environmental camps. 

Liz also ran a series of camps for women entitled: The Leopard Within, exploring the qualities of power, presence, poise and purpose.

Liz has always enjoyed art, and recently completed a children's book, 'Oh no, Not the Grandmother Tree!', based on Californian wildlife, where she cut all the 'illustrations' out of paper with a blade.