Quinton Martins, PhD
Specialties: Big Cats; animal behaviour; conservation; ecology; scorpions; birds; photography

"I am thrilled to have the opportunity of sharing my passion and knowledge of some of the best wilderness areas in the world with people traveling with me on safari. These safaris are designed to be more than a holiday - rather an exceptional experience that will have a positive impact on peoples lives and the environment." - Quinton

Dr. Quinton Martins is the Director and Principal Investigator of ACR’s Living with Lions Project in Northern California (https://egret.org/living-with-lions) where he is studying the region’s mountain lions to identify priority habitats and key wildlife corridors and to promote ecosystem conservation throughout the region. He is the former founder and CEO of the Cape Leopard Trust, a successful predator conservation NGO based in South Africa and is considered a leading expert on these leopards. He has over 25 years of field experience having worked in wilderness areas throughout much of Africa, Saudi Arabia and the USA.

Quinton has worked as a specialist safari guide in some of the very best safari camps Africa has to offer. He has managed safari camps for Wilderness Safaris, and led wild- camping safari experiences throughout East and Southern Africa. These skills led to him leading a month long scorpion collecting expedition for the Smithsonian Institution in the desert of Namibia, and mist-netting birds in central African rainforests.

Quinton is passionate about the environment and finding innovative ways to conserve it; also being somewhat of a conservation entrepreneur, generating funds for conservation in a sustainable manner. He has a particular interest in determining the role of predators in the ecosystem and their use as flagship species for broader environmental conservation – connecting people to the environment and finding ways for people to coexist with wildlife. He has a deep reverence for wilderness, rugged mountains and the role nature can play in shaping our lives.