Specialist Group Leaders

The role of our group leaders is to:

Help your trip be stress-free and run smoothly, dealing with any issues that arise.

Share their expertise in a way that is interesting and gives depth to your experience. 

Contribute to interpreting and contextualising what you see and experience, deepening your understanding and appreciation.

Point out specific opportunities based on their specialist knowledge of animal behaviour or other aspects of the area.

Help you move beyond checklists - from initial animal sightings to more subtle observations of behaviour, ecological understanding, insights into species role in the ecosystem and conservation challenges.

Liaise with the camp managers and camp guides to ensure that they know what you are looking for and have already experienced so that they don't give you duplicate information. 

Make sure the camps are giving you superior service and that you are making the most of the activities they offer.

Give you the space you want to enjoy the silence and your travel partners.